[1] What sizes do containers come ?

Shipping containers are built in accordance with ISO standards. Regardless of manufacturer, all units will be approximately the same in dimensions and weights. The most common lengths are 20’ and 40’ as everything is measured through the industry in TEU’s (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units).

Containers are numbered in accordance with ISO 6346, which is the international standard for identification of a shipping container. The standard is maintained by the International Container Bureau, or BIC. This standard covers the serial number, owner, country code and size of any container. WS Containers is a participating member in BIC, maintaining the rights to several ownership codes, or prefixes. A sample container number from WS Containers and within the ISO 6346 is as follows :

EMSU 200100-5

  • WS Containers is the ownership code designating for WS Containers.
  • The ‘U’ is the category indicator, specifically designating a freight container.
  • 200100 is the serial number unique to this container.
  • 5 is called the check digit which verifies unit correctness by an industry formula.

[2] Can I pick out my actual container?

Of course you can! We would like to encourage you to visit our depot locations, meet with a sales rep and pick out exactly what you want from color to criteria. Call or email today and get your appointment time set up.

[3] How long will it take to get my container?

Lead times can certainly vary, but for an in-stock unit and local delivery, it should normally be at your site in just 1-2 business days. Other factors can create a longer lead-times such as location, weather/site-prep, modification requirements, etc.

[4]  Is the container freshly painted?

If you are purchasing a new or one-trip container, then it will have the original factory coating still freshly in tact. If you are purchasing a used container, it will be the original coating. A new paint job is always available as one of our standard modification options if you would like the container to match an existing structure or just look restored!